Julio Cesar Mercado Quinones - Web, videogames and software Developer

Videogame programmer and designer experienced in gameplay programming. Web developer and designer with PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, HTML and CSS. Experienced in Web Ad Campaings, WebApps and Software Development for Windows.



Scuba Diaries is a project for the Masters Degree in Multimedia Design for the Autonomus University of Barcelona. Release date July 2014.

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Playtime Stories is an action arena that gives you the opportunity to re-live epic battles with your friends from school, in which anything is possible. It is a dynamic game, original and fun in which the base is the imagination of children: go from being a cowboy to being a ninja or a viking in the blink of an eye, send lightning, teleport, sprints and defeat the evil principal. All this and more in a relentless battle to become the King of the Playground.


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